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Full guidelines for entry to Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
Guidelines for entry of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts into the 1st St Margaret Scout Group (applicable from 1st August 2012)

These guidelines are designed to clarify the rules that will be used to decide on which boys and girls are admitted into each section for the 1st St Margarets Scout Group.

The leaders of each section (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) and the Parents' Committee will agree between themselves a total number of boys and girls i) in total and ii) in each year. These totals should be agreed in light of i) health and safety of pack meetings (in particular maintaining appropriate adult/child ratios) ii) space in the hall iii) quality of the experience for the children and iv) the likelihood of places in a senior section.

Entry into Cubs and Scouts will in general be from the section below (i.e. new Cubs will come from Beavers, and new Scouts will come from Cubs). Direct entry into Cubs and Scouts will be the exception, but will be permitted at the leader's discretion.

Entry into Beavers will be at the start of each school term, when one third of the annual Beaver intake will be admitted. This ensures an even flow of children through the group and prevents age bulges, which can cause problems in section size when children move up to the next section.

The Membership Secretary of the Parents' Committee will be responsible for administering Beaver intake as follows:

  • A waiting list will be maintained for siblings of current Beaver, Cubs and Scouts and for children of leaders and committee members
  • A separate waiting list will be opened on the first school day after half term (and after any St Stephen's inset days which immediately follow half term) for entry to Beavers the following term, and will remain open for one week or until there are enough applications, whichever occurs sooner
  • Only children whose birthday falls within the following four month bands will be considered for entry:
    • 1 January to 30 April for entry in the April/May when they are 6
    • 1 May to 31 August for entry in the September when they are 6
    • 1 September to 31 December for entry in the January when they are 6
  • Parents must confirm that they will help at Beavers meetings for two evenings per term, and will help where possible at our various fundraising events
  • After selection of siblings and children of leaders and committee members from the sibling waiting list, children will be selected from the term waiting list according to set criteria, to make the required total of new Beavers
  • The selection criteria are, in order:
    1. Children of parents/guardians who play a substantial role in the group (for example, a leader or member of the committee)
    2. Siblings of existing members
    3. Children who live within St Margarets and East Twickenham are given preference over those who don't
    4. Other special criteria that may be agreed by the leaders and Parents' Committee from time to time. This may include special access for children with special needs or for particular groups (for example building up a critical number of males or females)
    5. Position on the waiting list (this means the sooner you apply after the application window opens, the more likely you are to be offered a place)
  • The Membership Secretary will propose these children to the Beavers leaders, but the leaders will make the final decision
  • The Membership Secretary will inform applicants of success or otherwise as soon as possible - normally within three weeks of the application window opening

Children who do not attend regularly without explanation will normally be asked to leave.